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Hi there, welcome to my home page! Yes, having a home page (with a totally elite BLACK BACKGROUND no less) does indeed seem to be the minimum price of admission these days if you want to be cool, hip and hep and goodness knows I don't want to be left behind, so..

Aw who am I kidding? It's a shameless exercise in self promotion and we all know it! Hahaha! I'll bet you're still so taken with my elite black background that you're going to forgive me for this though, no?

Well anyway, I'm no HTML artist, although I do enjoy embeding the occasional senseless and gratuitous URL as much as the next man (like this one), but I'll give it my best shot.

I'm an engineering director for Apple, Inc, working on a number of UNIX technologies in MacOSX. MacOSX also uses a good deal of code from the FreeBSD Project, for which I'm also one of the founders and past core team member. Those interested in knowing more about how all this madness came about may enjoy reading the history of the FreeBSD Project.

My current resume may also be found in HTML (and far more detailed - too detailed!) format.

Want to see what I've looked like over the years? See my picture archive.

For those who are curious, my current cat count is now fifteen. This is more than enough cats and I've also gained ten dogs.

Pet Q&A section

Anyway, so that's who I am. If you like this page, you can always reach me via e mail at jkh@freebsd.org. If you don't, might I suggest the Dilbert page?

Some of my favorite URLs:

(NOTE: This is actually one of Scott Adams's cats, but as I don't have any digitized pictures of my own in the right size, I hope he won't mind me borrowing little Freddie here).

Current cat count:

Current flea count: 47

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